Monday, February 16, 2009

Vocabulary For My Continuum

Due to recent work projects involving much internet research, primarily through such sites as and wikipedia, plus some definition-heavy book art by my mentor, I have become something of a vocabulary enthusiast. That's right, the joke about one being so nerdy he or she reads the dictionary for fun? Yes sir, I have been browsing the online dictionaries for entertainment. Well, infotainment... and inspiration.

Add to all of this that I have recently begun talking with an artist I admire who is also a psychoanalyst. Ever interested in psychology, sociology, anthropology and other people-related ologies, I have become increasingly sensitive to our delicate ties to one another, and the delicate threads that bind ourselves and our lives together.

Hating math, I nonetheless enjoy graphing things in certain ways. Pie charts, venn diagrams, continuums...
Implementing all of the above with my natural predisposition to overanalyze myself and my surroundings, I've come up with a continuum of vocabulary I feel holds relevance.


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