Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sparkling Conversations, Vol. 1

It all began with my usual complaint that I have a problem getting a guy to buy a girl (me) a drink. It never happens... oh wait, but it has. While reflecting back on scintillating conversations I've had with quality males (at pubs and other late night venues), I came across this gem in the archives of the ol' noggin':

He: "Can I buy you a drink, sweetheart."
I: "You may, but I'm here with friends, so I'll be hanging out with them."
He: "No worries. Hey, I just want to buy a girl a drink. No expectations."
I: "How nice. Well alright then..."
He: "What would you like?"
I: "Ummm... Amaretto Sour?"
He (slurring a bit): "Haha... ummm, yeah. I can't pronounce that, sooo... Imma get you a jack and coke."

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