Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anxious Night

Every night, I return home late.
My ears buzzing with the humdrum of the everyday drudgery
I've just experienced.
The hive of apartments is
almost completely canvassed
by a network of large, intricate orb webs
eerily illuminated in tungsten orange
and the blue light of the full moon.

The night music washes away my sleepiness
The disgruntled growl of the old refridgerator
like an aging crooner with emphysema,
restless rodents in the ceiling, like a top hat
the whir of the box fan
a far off siren
the bass drum beat of the neighbors fucking
against my right hand wall
and I can't sleep.

The silence in my heart
disturbs me more
than all of the noise
night could ever bring

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