Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Art is Potential Life is Kinetic

Pardon me for a moment of trite, if not pretentious philosophy.

The age old question: "Does life reflect art, or does art reflect life?"
I am one who believes they are one and the same. Perhaps that is a bit fluxus? Or not. But at the very least, art and life exist simultaneously on a parallel so close that they are nearly impossible to discern from one another. If the tiniest movement: the near twitch of a smile forming, the smoothing of a stray lock of hair, if captured and pinned down on canvas or emulsion like a preserved butterfly, becomes art, who is to say that every nanosecond uncaptured by lens or brush is not? Simply put, all life is the kinetic form of art, and art is potential life.

Here's to those who eat, sleep, dream, fuck, love, drink, breath art in all it's glorious forms.

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