Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now is not the Time to Panic

Oh, the times, they are a-changin.'
Businesses are going under, banks are closing, once rational people are speaking pre-apocalyptical fears. Or not speaking them. But when any fear, real or imagined is brought to light or implied, I see waves of panic flash into even the most typically optimistic person's eyes.

Now, I'm a funny creature. I tend to think the worst, I tend to feel the panic beating in my chest, like a thousand bats trapped in a cave-in, but maintaining a thin smile nonetheless. And this is during the "good times." But when worst comes to worst, I become a huge optimist, when things look most bleak, all I see is possibility. It's as though my house has blown down and I'm standing over it with nothing but a hammer and a pocket full of nails. And I smile because the new house will be made by me and need look nothing like the old one.

So I too, may wonder- may speak of impending apocalypse from time to time, in passing. But I don't mean to instill fear or inspire others to withdraw their life's savings and hide it under the mattress. I say live it up. Maybe I'm a secret hedonist, but the truth is our days are numbered. And they always have been, even in good times. Not one of us will live forever, so shouldn't we all strive to do something great every moment we have a chance?

Maybe, in this tough time, we should all learn to start living more simply. But that doesn't mean to stop living. I'm not ready to roll over and die, I'm ready to start having fun. And couldn't a simpler life still be grand? maybe we'll learn to appreciate the small things again, the little miracles that are usually lost in the din of our great advancements in technology and so forth.
Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to look our reflections in the eye and realize our immense potential for creative genius.

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